What to Avoid with Pinched Nerves

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It might surprise you just how many things you should avoid when you are experiencing the pain of pinched nerves. Before we dive into them, let’s first say that there is one thing you should not avoid– getting help! A visit to a chiropractor will be helpful to learn if you really do have pinched nerves or what else might be going on to cause your pain or discomfort. After an assessment, a treatment plan will be developed to get you the relief you desire. In the meantime, you should avoid the following if you suspect you have pinched nerves:

•  High-impact sports- You could extend your recovery time and make your pain much worse if you continue to play before resolving the pinched nerves.

What to Avoid with Pinched Nerves

•  Heavy lifting- There are several reasons why you should avoid lifting heavy items, even if you do it with proper form. The first is that you could be exacerbating what is causing the nerves to be pinched. The second is that you might be weakened because of the pinched nerves. Another is because healing of the pinched nerves could take longer.

•  High-intensity or high-speed exercise- This is not to say you cannot exercise at all, but you should stick to gentle, low-intensity, low-speed workouts until your pinched nerves have healed to avoid additional injury. Leave the kickboxing, weight training, and running for later.

•  Sudden or repetitive motions- Avoid doing anything that may have led to the pinched nerves to begin with. For example, if you have carpal tunnel syndrome, it isn’t going to get better if you keep typing away at your keyboard. As for sudden motions, avoid amusement park rides and anything else that would make you move suddenly.

•  Quitting all activities- You might think remaining sedentary is a good plan, but it really isn’t. While you do need to rest the pinched nerves, you should take part in gentle movements to keep your muscles strong.

•  Losing sleep- Getting enough sleep is imperative with any healing process, and pinched nerves are no exception. Don’t hesitate to take naps if need be.

If you suspect pinched nerves or are dealing with pain or discomfort, reach out to us at Mapleview Chiropractic Centre. We are happy to assess your situation and get you on the road to a pain-free life. We are dedicated to finding viable solutions for pain management, so you can get back to doing the things you love.