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Adjust Your Seating and Eliminate Hip Pain

You don’t necessarily need a fancy ergonomic chair to eliminate hip pain, but you do need to be mindful of your chair settings. One of the most common causes of hip pain among adults can be alleviated by adjusting your chair.

Adjust the Height

Many people are surprised to discover a world of levers, knobs, and paddles just beneath their seat! Many office chairs can be adjusted for optimal height, which immediately impacts the angle of your hip joint when seated. The angle of your hip in turn affects your pelvic tilt and the curve in your lower back, and has an impact on the alignment of your spine, so it’s no wonder that adjusting your chair height can curb hip pain.

The optimal height is having your hips and your trunk at a 90 degree angle with your feet flat on the ground, without causing any pressure on the back of your thighs. If your feet don’t quite reach the ground, consider placing a block beneath to reduce the stress on your body, as a seat that is too high can cause an awkward sitting posture and problems down the road, such as muscle fatigue, pain, or poor circulation.

Adjust the Back Angle

You’ll see the biggest impact on your hip pain by adjusting the height of your chair, but the back angle also shouldn’t be forgotten. Your backrest should be slightly reclined to reduce the pressure on your pelvis and the load on your spine.