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These days, you can walk into almost any drug store and find shoe inserts claiming to give you relief for your foot and back pain. There are many kinds for every budget from basic sole inserts to gel-filled and arch support. Then again, maybe you have tried a few different types of store-bought orthotics, and they just don’t give you the relief you were hoping for. What now? How do you know whether you should just keep trying different store-bought orthotics, or should you seek out custom orthotics that are more specific to your needs?

Store-Bought Versus Custom Orthotics – Which is Right for You

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  • Pros of Store-Bought Orthotics: Fitted by shoe size, you can find relatively inexpensive orthotics that you can simply slide into any of your favourite pairs of shoes. You may even be able to trim the edges, so you get a better fitting. Some people with planter fasciitis and other arch issues have found that store-bought orthotics improve their symptoms and provide relief. Additionally, store-bought orthotics are easily replaced when they have reached the end of their lifespan, and they cost less than custom orthotics.
  • Cons of Store-Bought Orthotics: If your feet are asymmetrical (like many people), finding the right inserts for each foot can be a chore. Additionally, specific issues cannot be targeted because store-bought orthotics are typically created for people with the same shoe size and generalized foot conditions. Store-bought orthotics may never work for individuals with biomechanical or symptomatic conditions that require specialized orthotics.

If you are looking for relief and aren’t sure where to turn, our team at Mapleview Chiropractic Centre can help. We provide custom orthotics to patients who are experiencing chronic pain and discomfort. Our orthotics can be tailored exactly to your needs. If you have tried store-bought orthotics and simply cannot get good results, contact us to schedule an appointment. We look forward to assisting you.