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How Chiropractors Can Help with Sports Injuries

Playing a sport, like participating in any other physically demanding activity, carries a certain level of risk. Running, jumping, tackling, etc., all have the potential to cause tears, sprains, and other injuries if they’re not performed correctly. If you are one of the many people who have suffered from sports injuries, our team at Mapleview Chiropractic Centre can help. We provide excellent chiropractic care that can help you recover from current injuries as well as avoid new ones.

  • Goal of Chiropractic Care. In most cases, the goal of chiropractic treatment is to improve joint function while also alleviating inflammation and reducing pain. Many sports injuries affect the joints, so chiropractic care can be a valuable and effective addition to an overall treatment plan. The two most common techniques used to treat sports injuries are spinal manipulation and spinal mobilization.
  • Spinal Manipulation. In spinal manipulation, your chiropractor will ask you to take certain bodily positions, then perform a manual impulse to the affected joint. This is beneficial for sports injuries because it releases pressure in the joint and allows the surrounding muscles to provide greater support.
  • Spinal Mobilization. Spinal mobilization, on the other hand, is a gentler approach to treating sports injuries. It uses simple stretches and tools to relieve pressure in the joints. Your chiropractor will customize their approach to the severity of your particular injury, giving you the personalized care you need to make the best possible recovery.