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There are many transformations that occur naturally when you are pregnant that are designed to make the process of pregnancy and delivery go smoothly. The body’s innate ability to heal and overcome changes is admirable, but it cannot overcome all the abuses we inflict upon it. If you have a misaligned pelvis, for example, both pregnancy and delivery can be quite problematic. This is one area in which a pregnancy chiropractor can be helpful.

How a Pregnancy Chiropractor Improves Pregnancy and Delivery

If you go into your pregnancy with any type of misalignment in your spine, it is quite likely it will be exacerbated by the additional weight and posture changes you’ll go through to accommodate your growing child. Ideally, you should see a pregnancy chiropractor while you are planning on becoming pregnant, but it is perfectly safe for you and your baby to undergo treatment during your pregnancy, too.

Having backaches during pregnancy is not uncommon, but if you are not in alignment, the pain can be much worse and it could be difficult for your baby to get into proper position for delivery. This can result in problems for your baby and potentially a caesarean section. Even if you are able to withstand a regular delivery, it will likely be far more painful. A few visits with a pregnancy chiropractor could avoid those problems.

If you are considering pregnancy, are already pregnant, or just want to see if your back is in its best condition, we suggest you call us at Mapleview Chiropractic Centre in Barrie, Ontario to schedule an assessment consultation with our pregnancy chiropractor. Let us help you enjoy a healthy pregnancy and problem-free delivery.