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we want to help with your pain management needs

When you have had the traumatic experience of being in an accident, one of the hardest things is realizing that trauma extends far past the time of clearing away the rubble or even leaving a hospital after being checked out. Even if you managed to walk away from a motor vehicle accident, your body can take weeks, months or even years to recover from the accident, leaving many people with chronic pain management issues. With pain like whiplash and back pain common after an accident, chiropractic care is a great way to assist you with your pain management issues, and it’s often covered by your insurance!

With chiropractic care, a knowledgeable and skilled chiropractor can assist you in your pain management needs after an accident. In many accidents, the force of the collision can force areas of your body out of alignment and cause painful recovery problems. Because chiropractors work at the root of the issue, finding the source of the pain and working on the very spinal nerves causing your pain, pain management through chiropractic care is an effective way to work through your pain without turning to large amounts of medications that can come with harmful side effects.

Because chiropractic care is often covered under a motor vehicle accident claim, it can be a welcome relief for people who are in pain from their accident and have reached a dead-end in terms of pain management. At Mapleview Chiropractic Centre, we want to help with your pain management needs after a motor vehicle accident. Please contact us today and let’s get you feeling better!