Benefits of Seeing a Pregnancy Chiropractor

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Pregnancy is often a very exciting time for many expectant mothers, but there are a lot of physical changes that happen along the way. Symptoms like nausea, fatigue, and back pain are common concerns among pregnant women, and oftentimes, a visit to a pregnancy chiropractor can provide a number of benefits.

Benefits of Seeing a Pregnancy Chiropractor

  • Relief From Neck, Back, and Joint Pain. During the later stages of pregnancy, the body releases a hormone called relaxin that relaxes the ligaments and joints, making the birthing process easier. Some women may experience instability and pain during this time. Postural problems and pain can also result from the additional weight of the baby. A pregnancy chiropractor can do adjustments that help keep the joints in line and reduce pain.
  • Nausea. Nausea, or morning sickness, is very common during the first trimester of pregnancy. A pregnancy chiropractor can adjust the alignment of the spine which helps to lessen nausea, improve digestion, and decrease heartburn.
  • Easier Labour and Delivery. Regular adjustments from a pregnancy chiropractor can help ensure that your hips, pelvis and spine are properly aligned, which can help labour and delivery progress faster and with less discomfort.
  • Baby Positioning. A pregnancy chiropractor can help ensure that the baby’s head is down and that the mother’s hips are properly aligned for an easier birth.
  • Overall Health. One of the goals of chiropractic care is to ensure that the organs and immune system are functioning at optimal levels by removing nerve obstructions in the spinal column. This has a positive impact on overall health.

If you are pregnant and think you could benefit from a visit to a pregnancy chiropractor, please give us a call at Mapleview Chiropractic Centre today!