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If you routinely turn to chiropractic care for resolving a variety of issues, you already know how beneficial and even more affordable this is over other medical approaches. If you haven’t gone yet, it may be because you’ve heard a few of the common misconceptions that have circulated. Here are the myths and the straight information you need to determine if chiropractic care is for you.

3 Common Myths About Chiropractic Care

Myth #1: Chiropractic care is just for back pain.

The truth is that chiropractic care can help reduce other types of pain as well, including ankle pain, arm numbness, carpel tunnel, TMJ syndrome, jaw pain, shoulder and neck pain, knee pain, and hip pain. Keeping in alignment can also help you prevent problems later in life.

Myth #2: Chiropractic care is costly.

There are plenty of statistics that show that those who avail themselves of chiropractic care actually spend less on medical care than those who don’t. Furthermore, many insurance policies, including Medicare, cover chiropractic care, so you could pay very little out of pocket.

Myth #3: Chiropractors aren’t “real doctors”.

While chiropractors do receive a different type of education and focus during their training, it is certainly not inferior to the training received by doctors with other specialties. In fact, becoming a chiropractor requires just as much education and training as it would to become other types of doctors; in some cases, even more.

Here at Mapleview Chiropractic Centre in Barrie, Ontario, we offer a wide variety of chiropractic care treatments to be able to resolve whatever issue you may be having or to prevent future problems that can surface from long-standing misalignment. Contact us with any questions you may have, so we can help you dispel any other misconceptions that are keeping you from the improved health you can experience with our professional chiropractic care.

3 Common Myths About Chiropractic Care