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You don’t have to push through neck pain! There. We said it.

Here at Mapleview Chiropractic Centre, we want you to know that chiropractic, along with other therapies, may be used to treat various injuries related to the spine and joints. These include neck injuries, shoulder injuries, hip or knee injuries, and ankle or wrist injuries. Chiropractic care is an important contributor to the health of your spine and is recommended for times in which you are relatively pain-free, as well. Just as you would tune up your car, it’s a good idea to tune up your spine before you start experiencing a resurgence of neck pain.

You Don’t Have To Push Through Neck Pain!

Hopefully it doesn’t come as a total shock to you that the health of one part of the body may cause issues in other areas. In fact, the different areas of the human body are vastly more interconnected that we tend to think about on daily basis. That’s one of the reasons why it is so important to address pain early on. Neck pain could be associated with tightness in other areas of the body, such as your jaw, arms, or shoulders. Untreated chronic neck pain can also be associated with severe headaches and jaw tightness or even a pattern of carrying tension in that area of your body.

If you have a history of headaches and neck pain, when either symptom becomes bothersome, chiropractic care is a great place to start. Treat neck pain, jaw pain, and headache symptoms early to avoid patterns of chronic pain that may detract from your quality of life. Don’t just push through your pain: We’re here to help you!