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What do Orthotics Have to do with Chiropractic?
Hopefully it doesn’t come as a total shock to you that the health of one part of the body is connected to another. In fact, the different areas of the human body are vastly more interconnected that we tend to think about on daily basis. For example, it is easy to take for granted that your feet hurt at the end of the day more than anything else and not really think about it much beyond that.

But the simple fact is that pain in your feet could be a sign that you aren’t bearing weight on your feet evenly. This could be due to the underlying fact that your pelvis isn’t aligned properly. Conversely, a correction in your neck could also lead to a slight shift of the position at the base of the spine, which in turn could affect the relative length of your legs, and so on. So before turning straight to the orthotics aisle at the local shop, you may try receiving a chiropractic adjustment to see how that turns out.

Another relationship between your feet and your spine may be that the issues are traveling the opposite direction. You may have too little or too much turn out in your feet as you walk or stand. This can cause most of the weight born on your feet to happen in the wrong places, as well as affect the tension in the rest of your legs and up into your spine. Ideally, you should find wear marks in two places on your shoe bottoms: 1) below the area between your big toe and the next toe over, on the upper area of the ball of your foot and 2) on the back of the heel where the spring of your step comes from. If you find that either of these hotspots is shifted either to the inside or the outside of your foot, and you’d still like to wear more than just running shoes to avoid foot pain, orthotics are probably a great solution for you.


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