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Get Through Cold and Flu Season – Ask Your Chiropractor How!
It seems that every year, a new strain of flu makes its way through the office and even those who got a flu shot fall victim. Sadly, the vaccine can’t cover every strain, so you have to take steps yourself if you want to stay healthy as others around you perhaps aren’t. A surprising addition to your arsenal should be visiting with your chiropractor.

One of the biggest benefits of a chiropractic adjustment is keeping your nervous system functioning at peak performance. If you have misalignments, your body is not at full capacity and can more easily fall victim to illnesses. Regular visits to your chiropractor can go a long way to increasing your immune system function, too.

Another consideration is that if you are experiencing pain due to a misalignment, you are probably not getting the rest you need, which can further reduce your chances of fighting off colds and flu. Your body needs a good night’s sleep to recover after all you’ve put it through during the day, including its fight against germs. Pain could also be keeping you from being as active as you need to be to keep your lymph system stimulated so it can properly flush toxins and germs. Tell your chiropractor about any pain you are having as they can help with more than just back pain.

In addition to working with your chiropractor to keep your immune and lymph systems strong, be sure to stay hydrated and eat properly. Being undernourished or dehydrated will put you at high risk of catching anything that is going around.

Here at Mapleview Chiropractic Centre, we focus on treating the cause of problems and providing the highest quality alternative healthcare possible. Our goal is to help you move toward better health, so you can overcome any issues you are having and avoid illness in the process. Let us be your best defense against cold and flu season – call us today!